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Helen is arc’s Founder, Developer and Formulator. She has studied aromatherapy and natural healing extensively since 2001, with a passion for natural therapies and remedies spanning over 30 years.

Our products

arc is a total skincare range ideal for all skin types.

All products are hydrating, calming, rejuvenating, healing, and firming for the skin. We use natural ingredients and 100% essential oils in our recipes. Unlike fragrance oils, our essentials oils are blended to care for your skin and invigorate your mind and senses, supporting you holistically. arc natural skincare is a high-quality skin solution to combat any skin concern.

100% essential oils ⸻

Our story

arc natural skincare began its journey in 1996 when Helen discovered her love for natural healing. In 2001, she started her studies in natural therapies, including energetic healing, massage, and most importantly… aromatherapy! For over a decade, under ‘Arcana Therapies’, Helen has created oil blends for the body and specific topical remedies for clients, friends, and family. This is where the passion and knowledge used for the arc natural skincare range were formed.

Time was taken away from therapies due to significant life changes. But still, the passion never left, and Helen knew she would one day be drawn back to natural therapies and essential oils.

Fast forward to 2018, when life finally allowed Helen to enjoy creating old and new natural skincare blends! This time, Helen could expand to creams and serums to support naturally beautiful glowing skin, skin maintenance, and skin ailments. This is the range you see today on our website!